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Gene Cloning at Safe Harbor Site

Cloning and expressing genes and/or promoters of interest are very important for the assessment of gene/promoter functions and is particularly valuable for stem cell research. Current art for gene cloning and expression is predominantly through random integration, either by plasmid vector or viral vector. Random integration has several drawbacks, such as variable copy numbers, gene silencing, disruption of endogenous genes, and inconsistent results from one experiment to the other. Recent development in cloning GOI* into “safe harbor site” using gene targeting tools has demonstrated significant advantages over random integration. Basically cloning at “safe harbor site” overcomes all the drawbacks with random integration.
XCell has developed a highly efficient process for cloning and expression of GOI at “safe harbor” site such as the AAVS1 site in human cells. In addition, we have created a series of Flip-in reporter iPSC lines that enable researchers to easily switch their own GOI into “safe harbor” site with predictable copy numbers. Cloning and expressing GOI at “safe harbor” site of human PSC provides an invaluable tool for stem researchers who would like to evaluate function of disease associated genes, to identify lineage-specific promoter elements, and to conduct pilot studies of gene therapy, etc. Again, our optimized process will provide you a quality line with competitive prices and fast turnaround time.

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