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Genetic Modification of Human PSC

Targeted genome editing is particularly useful for genetic modifications of human PSC (hESC and hiPSC) lines because an engineered human PSC line can be differentiated into multiple lineages of primary cells, and thus offer much broader applications compared to other cell lines such as cancer cell lines.
Scientists at Xcell have mastered all three genome editing technologies, ZFN/TALEN and CRISPR, and have applied them to genetic modifications of human PSC. In particular, we have optimized the entire workflow of human PSC engineering, including targeting site selection, donor construct design, high efficiency transfection, single cell cloning, rapid identification of positive clones, and characterization of the final engineered products, etc. As an example, in collaboration with Sigma-Aldrich and NIH, XCell has successfully fulfilled a large genome editing contract from NIH and produced more than 20 engineered hiPSC lines in less than 12 months (iPSC lines). Therefore, we are confident that using our service you will get the genetic modified iPSC lines of your choice with high quality, low cost, and fast turnaround time

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