We are now part of RxCell Inc. We are still maintaining the XCell brand. Learn more here.


XCell Science (XCell) is a biotechnology company dedicated to providing reagents and services to the stem cell community. Our mission is to make pluripotent stem cell (PSC) technology available to all researchers. Our core business focuses on the generation of high quality neural cells from human PSC and on the development of scalable processes to produce large quantities of neural derivatives for use in drug discovery, toxicology, and cell replacement therapy. 
Building on the expertise and proprietary technology of our founder, we have developed a portfolio of human PSC-derived neural derivatives along with associated media and reagents. We have also developed expertise in engineering human iPSC using cutting edge homologous recombination techniques including the use of ZFN and TALEN technologies. At the present time, we offer ready-to-use neurons, dopaminergic neurons and astrocytes derived from XCell’s integration-free iPSC lines, engineered reporter sub-clones, and a panel of genetically modified iPSC lines for the study of central nervous system (CNS) disorders. 
We also offer comprehensive custom services including generation of iPSC, targeted genetic modifications of iPSC and directed differentiation of iPSC to neural stem cells, neurons, dopaminergic neurons and astrocytes at very competitive prices. We are proud to note that our products have already helped users in the academic, pharmaceutical and biotechnology arenas.