We are now part of RxCell Inc. We are still maintaining the XCell brand. Learn more here.

Cell Products

XCell prides itself on being the premier provider of neural products.We focus on products that have been well characterized, thoroughly vetted and those that work seamlessly together. We have conducted extensive surveys to understand customer needs which has allowed us to  provide products in the format and   maturation stages that people require. We welcome feedback from our customers on our products, new needs and any custom products or services they would like to see.

Control Lines
XCell is proud to introduce its line of control iPSC. These are integration free lines derived using a standardized protocol that is similar to the cGMP validated process we developed for generating cGMP  lines. Our lines are rigorously tested well beyond the tests that are performed by our competitors. These include STR tracking, HLA typing, whole genome sequencing , expression of pluripotency markers, ability to differentiate and endotoxin, mycoplasma and sterility tests. Each donor sample used to generate the IPSC was tested and appropriate IRB approval was obtained.

Knock-Out Lines
XCell has utilized its expertise with homologous recombination using zinc finger nucleases, Talens and CRISPR Cas9 technologies to generate a panel of isogenic control and KO lines.. These lines are available either individually as isogenic pairs or as a panel representative of a particular disease. XCell’s internal research efforts have allowed us to develop considerable detailed information on the cellular phenotype of cells differentiated from these lines and is happy to share this with users. XCell also offers a comprehensive suite of services ranging from generating homozygous nulls, additional mutants and double mutants in the same alleleic background. Detailed characterization of the  parental line including WGS analysis is available. Since most of our KO’s are made in the control lines available as catalogue products, isogenic  normal differentiated cells are available for comparison with the KO populations.

Reporter Lines
XCell has developed ubiquitous reporter lines in XCell control lines to allow HCS studies to be performed in vitro and in vivo. Two kinds of reporters have been developed to cater to different users. A fluorescent reporter set for use in vitro and in vivo tracing studies and a nano-luc halotag set for  providing quantifiable results in screening in vitro and in vivo tracing studies. Combining the nano-luc halotag with luciferase provides the advantage of obtaining different labeling abilities dependent on the usage envisaged.
XCell has also developed a Master cell line strategy to rapidly generate additional reporters as a service in our control lines. In addition, xCell has obtained all licenses required to generate additional custom reporters in parental lines of your choice