We are now part of RxCell Inc. We are still maintaining the XCell brand. Learn more here.
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XCell’s founders are developmental biologists and they have drawn on their experience with embryonic and fetal cultures to optimize PH, osmolality, growth factor concentrations and other nutrient requirements to develop medium optimized for human cells at early developmental stages. Since requirements during development change rapidly we have adopted stage-specific protocols for differentiation and optimized medium for use at each stage. These media are not interchangeable and have been designed to be used together for a complete solution. Each lot of media is rigorously tested for sterility and functional ability using the same cell products we provide to our cell users. Our media is shipped worldwide and we have hundreds of satisfied customers.
While our media works with our competitors cells, we do not test our guaranteed results with our competitor cells as we have found them to be too variable from lot to lot to allow any standardized comparison.