We are now part of RxCell Inc. We are still maintaining the XCell brand. Learn more here.

Control Lines

XCell is proud to introduce its line of control iPSC. These are integration free lines derived using a standardized protocol that is similar to the cGMP validated process we developed for generating cGMP  lines. Our lines are rigorously tested well beyond the tests that are performed by our competitors. These include STR tracking, HLA typing, whole genome sequencing , expression of pluripotency markers, ability to differentiate and endotoxin, mycoplasma and sterility tests. Each donor sample used to generate the IPSC was tested and appropriate IRB approval was obtained.
Our lines can be shipped worldwide under a standard MTA and can be used by academic and commercial organizations under an appropriate MTA.
We use the same lines to generate our differentiated products in the neural lineage but each line is also tested for ectodermal, mesodermal and endodermal lineage using several different protocols. Companies interested in using these lines to manufacture non-neural products such as cardiomyocytes, liver, retinal pigment epithelium or sensory neurons should contact Dr. Zeng or Dr. Rao for potential licensing opportunity.
XCell strongly believes that a panel of isogenic differentiated cells is the ideal  format for toxiocology studies and is  working with NIEHS and NCATS  to make this possible.

XCell also provides users with access to full characterized ESC lines. These lines are prepared and stocked in the same manner as iPSC lines and data on full characterization is available on request. Users requesting these lines have to provide evidence that their ESCRO committee  and international users need to confirm that  the lines can be  under the rules of their government. For questions  please contact our sales representative before ordering the lines.