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Bioassay development using human PSC-derived neural cells

Using terminally differentiated cells to build in vitro cellular models offers novel and powerful tools for drug development workflow. At XCell, we have developed core competencies in development of cell-based assays that use neural cells derived from human iPSC. Specifically, we have developed robust MTT and luciferase assays using different kinds of cells, including iPSC, NSC, neurons, dopaminergic neurons, and astrocytes. These bioassay platforms have been used to screen >80 known compounds to assess their neurotoxicity and neuro-protection effects. Our capability in production of unlimited neural cells from human PSC and our experience in development of bioassay based on these primary cells can help you quickly establish a novel screening system using physiologically relevant cellular models. We currently offer the following services (all assays are in 96-well plate format):

  • Cell viability assays for iPSC
  • Cell viability assays for neural stem cells
  • Cell viability assays using mixed neurons, dopaminergic neurons, and astrocytes 
  • Cell viability assays using neurons and astrocytes co-culture 
  • Luciferase assay using neurons derived from Map2 reporter line
  • Luciferase assay using astrocytes derived from GFAP reporter line

Besides current offering, we can also help you develop new assays/screening platforms using other types of neural cells according to your specifications.

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