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Astrocyte Maturation Pack

XCell’s Astrocyte Maturation Pack contains serum and animal product. This media allows for a seamless transition from research grade media to compatible clinical grade media. XCell’s Astrocyte Maturation media can be used on precursor cells to maturation. Once matured, cells can be maintained in adherent or suspension culture using the same media. Please refer to our resources for protocols using our media and cells 
$ 250.00100ml

Pack Components

  • AM-001-BM100, Astrocyte Maturation Basal Medium, 100ml
  • AM-001-SA100, Astrocyte Maturation Supplement A, 9ml
  • AM-001-SB100, Astrocyte Maturation Supplement B, 2ml
  • AM-001-SC100, Astrocyte Maturation Supplement C, 100ul