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XCL-6 Dopaminergic Neurons

XCL-6 Dopaminergic Neuron Precursors


  • >80% Viable cells post-recovery
  • >80% Tuj+ Neurons
  • >30% TH+ DOPA Neurons


  • Reprogram Method : Episomal Vectors
  • Source : Cord blood cells CD34+


Product Description Catalog Number Quantity Price Order
Cells XCL-6 Dopaminergic Neurons, 1 Vial DP-006-1V ≥ 1 x 106 cells $ 860.00
Kit XCL-6 Dopaminergic Neurons (1 Vial), Maturation media and supplements DP-006-1K ≥ 1 x 106 cells $ 1120.00
Dopaminergic Maturation Pack Dopaminergic Maturation Media Pack DM-001-M100-1P 100ml $ 280.00

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